Elijah’s Easter Suit

Elijah is on a mission to find the perfect church outfit for Easter. But when failed attempts at his town’s stores leave Elijah disappointed, an important conversation with Deacon Brown and Mother Green about tradition, culture, and clothing gives him the courage to create his own Easter masterpiece: a patchwork of perfection that tells his story with style.


“Listening closely is the key to creativity. Telling your story is the key to fashion. Elijah’s Easter Suit unlocks these ideas in the mind of the reader.” —Dapper Dan, fashion innovator

“This is a stunning and upbeat reminder of how the past can be made new. Elijah’s Easter Suit gets a roaring round of applause and a resounding HALLELUJAH! —Charnelle Pinkney Barlow, author-illustrator of Little Rosetta and the Talking Guitar